Marco Bonucci

Marco Bonucci was born in 1993 in Paris. He started playing the piano at the age of 5. He entered the « Conservatoire Municipal du 14e arrondissement de Paris » where he took lessons with Laurent Durupt. He received a DEM diploma at the « CRR de Paris » with Hugues Leclère as a teacher, and a Bachelor degree at the Royal Conservatory of Belgium, in Mikhaïl Faerman’s piano class. He’s currently ending a Master degree at the « Istituto Rinaldo Franci » in Siena, Italy, with Matteo Fossi. Besides his classical music studies, he maintains a close link with improvisation. When he was 15 years old, he also developed an interest in electronic music, and produced some tracks : first, with a collective project « Royal Cheese », and then with the solo project « Chicaneur ». He signed with Crosswalk Records, a french label, in 2015. He plays occasionally in classical, traditional, and pop ensembles. He’s influenced by many different types of music, and he’s attached to an holistic approach to things, in arts as in life.