Romain Garcera

Born in May 1991, Romain develops a real passion for percussions during his childhood in La Martinique. At 7 years old, he starts studying classical drums and quickly feels the need to compose his own pieces. Passionate and highly curious, he nourishes his love for drums and jazz by observing the island’s musical melting pot. 
In 2008, Romain obtains a Grand Price at the Conservatoire of Grasse and then a State Diploma in Music at the State renowned Conservatoire of Nice two years later. At the same time, Romain studies Jazz, the drums and the vibraphone with several inspirational teachers, including François Chassagnite, Robert Persi, Philippe Cocogne, Jean-paul Ceccarelli and pursues his Jazz studies at the Conservatoire of Paris (CRR) with Frederic Délestré, David Patrois and Emile Spany.
In 2013, Romain graduates with another State Diploma of Jazz Music (DEM),  achieving the rare combo of First Class Honors and the jury’s unanimous congratulations. 
During those years, he participates in several Masterclasses (J.Tain Watts, Chris Potter, barbatuques, Mike Stern, Mike Manieri, Bojan Z, Dave Liebman…) and performs with numerous musical ensembles of different styles. 
In  early 2014, Romain creates his own project, called “RG Hybrid Project”, the eclectic result of all the knowledge and experiences he has developed throughout his career. 
The same year, he starts studying at the Conservatoire Royal of Brussels, following the classes of Guy Cabay. Since then, he has collaborated with numerous  musicians such as Fabrice Alleman, Frederic Jacquemin, Xavier Tribolet, Paolo Loveri, Igor Gehenot and Kaer de Starflam.
Romain is the co-founder of the music group LALAO, in which he regularly performs with the talented multi-instrument playing singer Yannick Jacquet, and the renowned Malagasy guitarist Joel Rabesolo. In 2017, the trio is invited to play as Miles Mosley’s opening act in the Botanique Concert Hall. This great experience with the famous member of the “West Coast Get Down” collective fuels LALAO to produce their first EP “Embers” the following year.
Romain is also a multi-percussionist in the Brazilian group “Maracatu Mix”, with whom he plays on numerous festivals and national demonstrations throughout the year. 
In 2017, he founds the vibraphone/piano duo “Garcera Della Guerra” with the gifted pianist Nicolaï Della Guerre. Their collaboration is a subtle blend of classical music, Jazz and world music.
Romain recently started playing in the band of french singer Simon Delannoy, with whom he performed in the Francofolies de Spa Festival in the summer of 2018. 
A few months later, Romain is invited to join the band “Azbeul”, founded by the french saxophonist Abel Jednak.
At the very same time, he launches the company P.percussive, an event platform with which he organises several concerts and jam sessions in Brussels’ nightlife hotspots. 
Romain is also a drums teacher at Artizik, a nationally praised music school based in Belgium biggest educational institution, the Cardinal Mercier Institute. Throughout the year, he actively contributes to several shows and cultural events organized by Artizik for young artists, adapting his expertise to Theatre, Street art, Drawing and Music workshops. 
He recently provided his support to the Saxophone Ensemble of the Conservatoire of Grasse (France), with whom he went on tour in Arizona last Spring and in Cracov this coming April. The Ensemble will set off towards India in 2020 for another tour.
Romain will soon launch his first EP as a producer, under the name of RGHP. This production will gather international collaborations, promising us an outcome layered in multiple echoes and vibrations.